New Techniques…


The Reinheitsgebot, Bavarian Purity Law of 1516

I haven’t posted much recently, mainly due to the fact that some Facebook homebrewing friends and I are on somewhat of a mythical quest to capture the authentic German lager character in our beers.

These guys are far more experienced and knowledgeable than I, but none of us have really figured out how to accomplish “IT” in our finished beers.

I’ll write up a post in the near future describing IT in more detail, but it’s something that very few beers outside of Continental Europe seem to achieve. Even the best American craft and homebrewed beers pale in comparison to good, fresh German and Czech examples…

Anyway, here’s some of the new things I’ve been experimenting with, or plan to soon…

-Complex mash schedules
-Different malt types and grain bills
-Strict pH control
-New hopping schedules
-Traditional fermentation schedules
-Cold break removal
-Capturing natural carbonation via pressurized fermentation
Strict Reinheitsgebot adherence

Exciting things are to come, and I’ll get back to the yeast strain comparisons soon enough!

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