König Pilsener Review

Reviewed 11/16/15, Santo Domingo, DR. Small wine-ish glass, the only glassware available.

Appearance : brilliant pale gold. Big white head recedes fast. Small amount of lacing

Aroma : malt, light honey, graham crackers, earthy floral spice

Taste : big, bready sweetness at the forefront, followed by an assertive cutting bitterness. Strong salty mineral note, hops much more floral than the nose. Finishes strong, lingering, but begging for another sip. Exhale fresh crackery grain, wildflower hoppiness, with a light, lingering taste of burnt match. The “it” is strong in this one.

Mouthfeel : light, crisp, slightly astringent, mostly due to the prominent bitterness. Lingering saltiness on the palate

Overall : Impressive. There isn’t much else one could expect from a Pils. The bitterness is the star of the show, with little accents of malt and hops, but the overall impression is of a palate cleansing and thirst inducing drinkablity. Every sip begs another. Exceptionally clean and crisp, but with subtle, yet impactful nuances. Maybe it’s the setting, sitting here in my open air, 400 square foot apartment in the heart of Latin America, but I couldn’t ask for more from a beer right now. 91/100

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