Munich Helles

This was the last brew I did before venturing down the rabbit hole of chasing the authentic German lager character… Anyway, this was pretty standard for me, before I started drastically changing my brewing process. … Read More →

Light Lager

Ah, American Light Lager. One of the most popular beer styles in the world, the very mention of it raises the ire of many a homebrewer. However, this beer style is the very pinnacle of … Read More →


German Pils – WLP833 vs Saflager W34/70

This brew compares two clean, well attenuating German lager yeasts, WLP833 German Bock Lager and Saflager W-34/70. WLP833 is rumored to have originated from the Ayinger brewery in Bavaria, and W-34/70 is the famous Weihenstephan strain, one of … Read More →

Simcoe & Co IIPA

This double IPA was inspired by a beer I enjoyed on a recent trip to Philadelphia. The beer needs no introduction: Russian River Pliny the Elder. Brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo published a homebrew clone recipe, available … Read More →

Munich Helles – WLP860 vs WLP833

This brew was another 6 gallon split batch yeast comparison. One carboy used White Labs WLP860 Munich Helles and the other half received White Labs WLP833 German Bock Lager. Both of these strains are supposedly … Read More →

Amber Lager

This brew was originally intended to be a Festbier, the pale modern version of German Oktoberfest lager, but the gravity came out a little lower than expected. It drinks like something between a helles and … Read More →

German Pils – WLP800 vs. Saflager W34/70

Seeing as this comparison was the inspiration for starting this site, I thought it to be an appropriate first post. This was a 6 gallon batch of German Pils, split between two 3 gal fermentors. … Read More →