Kräusen Yeast Starter

My method for yeast propogation is as follows: -On brew day, after the wort in the kettle is cooled, transfer 10% of the wort to a small fermentor, and the remaining wort to the main … Read More →

Crush Analysis

I bought a new grain mill the other day. Obviously, I had an itching desire to run a little grain through it as soon as I got it assembled. While I was at it, I … Read More →

Decoction Mashing

Decoction mashing is an often-misunderstood German brewing technique. I’m not going to dive into the history and tradition, but if you’d like to learn more, the most accurate and in-depth resource I have found is … Read More →

New Techniques…

I haven’t posted much recently, mainly due to the fact that some Facebook homebrewing friends and I are on somewhat of a mythical quest to capture the authentic German lager character in our beers. Read More →