My name is Steve, I’m a West Virginia homebrewer. My brewing journey began in 2013, after a start in winemaking in 2012.

My favorite beers tend to be German styles, although I appreciate and enjoy many others. I like to emulate traditional German methods whenever it’s possible and practical, although I also enjoy experimentation.

The purpose of this site is to record my thoughts, experiments, and discoveries, in the hopes that it will help others in their journey.

Disclaimer: Homebrewing beer can be dangerous. Burns, cuts, broken bones, intoxication, and many other outcomes are possible. This blog is intended for entertainment purposes only, do not try this at home. If you would like to learn how to brew beer, read How to Brew by John J. Palmer.

Kräusen Yeast Starter

My method for yeast propogation is as follows: -On brew day, after the wort in the kettle is cooled, transfer 10% of the wort to a small fermentor, and the remaining wort to the main fermentor, without aeration. -Pitch your yeast into the small container, the kräusen starter. … Read More →

Crush Analysis

I bought a new grain mill the other day. Obviously, I had an itching desire to run a little grain through it as soon as I got it assembled. While I was at it, I figured this would be a good time to compare a couple different gap … Read More →

König Pilsener Review

Reviewed 11/16/15, Santo Domingo, DR. Small wine-ish glass, the only glassware available. Appearance : brilliant pale gold. Big white head recedes fast. Small amount of lacing Aroma : malt, light honey, graham crackers, earthy floral spice Taste : big, bready sweetness at the forefront, followed by an assertive … Read More →

Decoction Mashing

Decoction mashing is an often-misunderstood German brewing technique. I’m not going to dive into the history and tradition, but if you’d like to learn more, the most accurate and in-depth resource I have found is Braukaiser Decoction Mashing. This will be a short walkthrough of a decoction brewday. … Read More →

Munich Helles

This was the last brew I did before venturing down the rabbit hole of chasing the authentic German lager character… Anyway, this was pretty standard for me, before I started drastically changing my brewing process. Recipe – 21L OG 1.049 FG 1.008 – 84% aa Bitterness 18.5 ibu … Read More →

New Techniques…

I haven’t posted much recently, mainly due to the fact that some Facebook homebrewing friends and I are on somewhat of a mythical quest to capture the authentic German lager character in our beers. Read More →

Light Lager

Ah, American Light Lager. One of the most popular beer styles in the world, the very mention of it raises the ire of many a homebrewer. However, this beer style is the very pinnacle of the science of brewing. Nearly colorless and flavorless, with no place for the … Read More →